Workshop E: Challenges in Supporting Inclusiveness


Staff member
How can we approach inclusiveness in a sustainable and scalable way, without creating additional burdens on people already facing challenges?


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Asking marginalized individuals to work to support and lead diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) risks creating an unintended ‘diversity tax” burden. While socially-driven efforts often start as volunteer-led, this approach burdens marginalized staff and is not sustainable for the business. This workshop will explore how to approach DEIA sustainably and strategically within an organization. Participants will hear multiple perspectives, analyse scenarios to identify opportunities for improved approaches, and understand how they can contribute as allies, leaders, or affected individuals.
The facilitators are:
Dr Chhavi Chauhan ♦ Director of Scientific Outreach at ASIP
Dr Tony Chen ♦ Journal Publishing Manager at Wiley
Dr Suze Kundu ♦ Director of Researcher and Community Engagement at Digital Science
Shaina Lange ♦ Senior Manager, Publishing Integrity at the American Chemical Society
Dr Anna Sharman ♦ Founder and Director at Cofactor