Transformative Agreements


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Lisa Hinchliffe gave an interesting and well-received presentation on Transformative Agreements at R2R in 2022. You can watch the video here:
I'm wondering what transformative agreements' effect on publishing patterns would be, especially among developing country authors. My understanding: before transformative agreements, access to information was a barrier for many institutions in developing countries because of finances for subscriptions. But these authors could at least publish. Now, the same researchers can read what is available in the OA environment but not necessarily publish in those journals as the APCs are not affordable. So I am anticipating a decrease in publishing by researchers from developing countries in a-rated journals and an increase in using journal outlets that can be considered potentially questionable. Any feedback is most welcome.
My understanding is that the picture here is mixed. For a-rated Gold journals, the waiver programs mean offset this problem. For hybrid, it means those folks publish closed.