Discussion Panel: Navigating the Pressures of Modern Research: Cultivating an Equitable and Innovative Academic Culture


Staff member
Academia places immense demands on researchers to excel and produce impactful research outcomes. These demands, exacerbated by systemic issues, lead to stress and burnout, affecting researchers, particularly non-native English speakers. Survey results reveal that 65% researchers felt tremendous pressure to publish, secure grants and complete projects, 31% work 50+ hours and 49% have non-research responsibilities. Interdisciplinary collaboration, AI and competitive funding have compounded these issues. The panel brings diverse researcher perspectives on the challenges and transformative measures needed to streamline publication. How can publishers, institutions, and funders alleviate pressure, promote fairness, and prioritize innovation in academia?
Roheena ANAND (moderator) is Executive Director, Global Publishing PLOS
Dr Rashna BHANDARI (panellist) is Head, Laboratory of Cell Signalling at the CDFD
Makoto YUASA (panellist) is Country Director, Japan at Cactus Communications
Professor ZHANG Hongliang (panellist) is a Professor at Fudan University