Panel: The Future of OA Funding


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Seeking sustainable open access publishing models

Sybille Geisenheyner
♦ Director, Open Science Strategy & Licensing at ACS Publications
Dr Heather Staines
♦ Director of Community Engagement at Delta Think
♦ Member of the 2023 Researcher to Reader Advisory Board
Professor Ben Davis
♦ Science Director of Next Generation Chemistry at Rosalind Franklin Institute
Mat Willmott
♦ Assistant Director for Open Access Agreements at California Digital Library

The open access models that are used to fund publishing activities are evolving to meet rapidly changing funder mandates and the needs of the academic community. Panellists from the research, library, publisher and vendor spaces will discuss examples of new and innovative models that seek to balance supporting a transition to more openness in scholarly communication while maintaining a sustainable ecosystem for all.
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Erin Foley, Senior Publishing Solutions Manager at Copyright Clearance Center was planned to be a panellist, but unfortunately has had to drop out. A suitably-qualified replacement panellist is being sought and will be announced as soon as possible.
This was one of the top-rated plenary sessions in R2R 2023.

The session scored an average of 3.5 out of 4, with 92% positive responses, based on 50 participant responses. This is a really excellent result; to put the score in context, in recent previous years, the averages for all plenaries has been around 3.3 out of 4, with a range from 2.9 to 3.6


The comments received included:
  • Interesting discussion, lively speakers.
  • I liked the diversity of perspectives embedded within the group of panelists, as well as the questions from the audience.
  • The diversity of perspectives gave me a lot to think over -- Thank you!
  • Good moderator.
  • The debates about OA continue to evolve, thanks for bringing together these views.
  • Rating it best of all panels.
  • An effective moderator.