Panel: Putting Data in Data-Driven Decision-Making


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Asking the transformative question: What can we achieve with quality data?

Christopher Kenneally
♦ Senior Marketing Director at Copyright Clearance Center
Deni Auclair
♦ President at Media Growth Strategies
Sybille Geisenheyner
♦ Director of Open Science Strategy & Licensing at ACS
Catia Laranjeira
♦ Program Manager at the Foundation for Science and Technology
Arjan Schalken
♦ Program Manager at UKBsis at UKB

Like evidence-based medicine, data-driven decision-making in publishing seems a no-brainer. But just as many doctors have long trusted their intuitions, so have scholarly publishers. Doing so in 2023, however, may get your license revoked in both professions. The proposed panel discussion will drive a stakeholder dialogue addressing metadata management and what industry participants see as the solution to managing metadata. The audience will gain an appreciation for how proper application of quality data can open a 360-degree-view of the research ecosystem to address important concerns of sustainability, compliance, and access.
The panel has almost completely changed for this session, but the new panel will be bringing some interesting and international insights.
Prof José Francisco Salm Junior
♦ Professor Université de l'État de Santa Catarina (UDESC, Brazil)
Catia Laranjeira
♦ Manager PTCRIS, Scientific Knowledge Department Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT, Portugal)
Veronika Spinka
♦ Senior Vice President, Science Thieme Group
Michael Healy
♦ Executive Director, Rightsholder & International Relations at Copyright Clearance Center
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quality data empowers publishers to make evidence-based decisions, improve metadata management, gain a comprehensive view of the research ecosystem, ensure sustainability and compliance, and enhance access to research. These achievements have the potential to transform the publishing industry and contribute to the overall advancement of knowledge.