Panel Discussion: We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know: multi-sector and multi-disciplinary experience to break down barriers


Staff member
What unexpected insights and opinions about the complexities and interconnectedness of the scholarly communication ecosystem can be gleaned from those who have switched between the sectors of publishing, research, and libraries? What are the common misconceptions about each industry or conversely, what is accurate? Where is nuance and deep knowledge most needed? Panellists will discuss how bringing their multi-sector or multi-disciplinary experience did and can help dismantle some of the silos that hamper effective communication, partnerships and mutual respect between the major actors and organizations in current and future imbrications.
Professor Lisa HINCHLIFFE (moderator) is a Professor at the University of Illinois
Gwen EVANS (panellist) is Vice President, Global Library Relations at Elsevier
Keith WEBSTER (panellist) is the Dean of Libraries at Carnegie Mellon University
Dr Karin WULF (panellist) is the Library Director at Brown University