Keynote: A Sector in Transition: Performing and Transforming


Staff member
As a sector in transition, we’re all grappling with rapid and unpredictable change in our world of work. Ensuring we’re performing well in the present and successfully transforming for the future is critical to success. But it’s a formidable challenge. If we only transform but don’t perform then we have no here and now. If we only perform but don’t transform then we have no future. In this talk, Antonia explores what it takes to be successful in this complex and ever-changing environment, and looks at what skills and capabilities we need as a sector to navigate the now, and the future.
Antonia SEYMOUR (presenter) is the Chief Executive at IOP Publishing
Great to hear Antonia, as we start off R2R this year. I just loved to see sustainability, SDGs, and resilience mentioned in her talk. Hope these will be discussed more over these 2 days.